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Some useful links: click here to see if your APEX version is still supported. For differences in Oracle Database features, you might want to click here. Last, but not least: here is another page containing APEX New Features for each release.


ReleasePatchset Nr Publish Date DescendingSourceCategoryComponentRef. NrTitleDetails BehaviorCompatibility Mode Changes in Mode 5.1 / 18.1In Oracle Application Express 18.1, buttons where the Execute Validations attribute is set to Yes also perform some client-side validations (such as item required checks) and will not submit the page until all issues are fixed. In previous versions this flag was just used to determine if server-side validations should be executed. Tip: Please pay attention when changing the Compatibility Mode to 5.1/18.1. Buttons, such as Cancel or Previous, where the Execute Validation flag has incorrectly been set to Yes and which use an After Submit branch, never execute validations when the user clicks the button. You can address this issue by using the new client-side validations, or by setting Execute Validations to No. In release 5.1, any Ajax-based Dynamic Actions where the "Wait for Result" attribute is set to Yes perform an asynchronous Ajax call. Prior to 5.1, such calls would be made synchronously. BehaviorCompatibility Mode Changes in Mode 5.0In Oracle Application Express release 5.0, referencing a Static Application File with #WORKSPACE_IMAGES# no longer returns the application file. Instead, use #APP_IMAGES#. The API calls to wwv_flow_custom_auth_std.logout, wwv_flow_custom_auth_std.logout_then_go_to_page, wwv_flow_custom_auth_std.logout_then_go_to_url, and apex_custom_auth.logout are desupported and will raise a runtime error instead of logging out from the Oracle Application Express session. Instead, use the apex_authentication.logout entry point. Prior to release 5.0, developers using data upload did not have the option to choose a date format. Instead, a parser checked for the best format to match the user's entry or an end user could enter their own format. Oracle Application Express release 5.0 includes a new item that enables the user to choose an application date format or user entered format. Because applications created before release 5.0 do not have an item, a Compatibility Mode of 5.0 checks if the user has entered some data. If no data has been entered, it picks the application date format. When a session timeout occurs and no timeout URL is specified, Oracle Application Express raises an error instead of redirecting to the application's home page. If the session setup for an Ajax requests fails, Oracle Application Express also raises an error. For Ajax requests that expect JSON, the response is a JSON string with members that describe the error. For other requests, the error appears on an error page. Page items based on a database column where the attribute Source Used is set to Only when current value in session state is null will raise an error when the page item gets rendered. Using this setting for a database column is very dangerous and can result in accidentally overwriting data when viewing and saving multiple records. Always set the Source Used attribute to Always, replacing any existing value in session state. BehaviorCompatibility Mode Changes in Mode 4.2In Oracle Application Express release 4.2 due to changes for the new grid layout, when a page is rendered, all regions in a certain display point are evaluated before rendering that display point, to find out if they should be displayed or not (so that the grid layout knows how many columns to render). The regions where the evaluation returned true will be executed and displayed. However, this will not work if a PL/SQL based region sets session state which is then used in a subsequent region condition to determine if the region should be displayed. In that scenario, the condition has already been checked before the display point is rendered. Use computations or PL/SQL processes to set session state before any region is displayed. In previous versions, the condition was evaluated right before each region was displayed. In Oracle Application Express release 4.2, computations and processes with a processing point Before Region(s) do now fire before any region gets rendered. Computations and processes with a processing point After Region(s) fire after all regions have been rendered. In previous versions, the computations and processes fired just before and after the region display point Page Template Body (1-3). Oracle Application Express Patch Set 4.2.2 added two new Compatibility Mode changes for Compatibility Mode 4.2: -Text areas were changed to always use the Maximum Width attribute to restrict text input. -Enhanced security for report column links, where the link contains both JavaScript and references to other report column substitutions, for example: javascript:alert( 'Delete #NAME#' ); -In the previous example, NAME is a column name in the report. Prior to Oracle Application Express release 4.2.1, to protect against possible cross-site scripting vulnerabilities, you would have had to explicitly escape any column values in the report source, so that they could safely be used in JavaScript links. When running in Compatibility Mode 4.2, Oracle Application Express automatically JavaScript escapes column name substitutions referenced in JavaScript links if the column is defined to escape special characters. To fix this, Oracle recommends that you remove the manual JavaScript escaping from your report source and use of the native escaping. BehaviorCompatibility ModeThe application attribute Compatibility Mode controls the compatibility mode of the Application Express runtime engine. Certain runtime behaviors change from release to release. You can use the Compatibility Mode attribute to obtain specific application behavior. This section lists Compatibility Mode changes by release. Note that all mode changes are inclusive in that all changes in older releases are included in newer releases. BehaviorNew Text Case property for Textfield item typeThe new Text Case property for Textfields specifies if the value should automatically display in uppercase or lowercase. BehaviorCompatibility Mode Changes in Mode 4.1In Oracle Application Express release 4.1, Automatic DML forms raised an error when rendering the page if the column name of the source of an item was invalid. Prior to Oracle Application Express release 4.1, an invalid column name of the source of an item would not raise an error when rendering the page but it would also not set session state of the item. Also, in Oracle Application Express release 4.1, there are two new application Security Attributes to control Browser Security: Cache and Embed in Frames. Enabling the Cache attribute enables the browser to save the contents of your application's pages in its cache, both in memory and on disk. The Embed in Frames attribute controls if the browser displays your application's pages within a frame. Applications running in a Pre-4.1 Compatibility Mode function as if the Cache is enabled and as if Embed in Frames is set to allowed. Applications running in Compatibility Mode 4.1 or later respect the specific Browser Security attributes. Also, in Oracle Application Express release 4.1, because of bug 12990445, the following changes were implemented for Automatic Row Processing (DML) process types. The code which performs the INSERT was changed to determine if the columns should be included in the INSERT statement. Note that these are the same checks which occur before an UPDATE. These new checks include: -Is the source type a DB Column? -Is the page item contained in the POST request? For example, if the page item is conditional it will not be contained in the POST request if the condition evaluates to FALSE during page rendering. -Is the page item not of type Display Only where Save State is set to No? To enable these behaviors, set the Compatibility Mode to 4.1 or later. For behavior that matches earlier releases, set the Compatibility Mode to Pre-4.1. BehaviorBrowser RequirementsOracle Application Express requires a JavaScript-enabled browser and supports the current and prior major release of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge. BehaviorCompatibility Mode Changes in Mode 19.2In Oracle Application Express 19.2, Classic Reports render empty column values as an empty cell instead of using a "non-breaking white-space" ( ). BehaviorCompatibility Mode Changes in Mode 19.1In Oracle Application Express 19.1, the Rich Text editor now enforces validation of the Max Length item attribute. When the length of the HTML markup exceeds the Max Length value, the system produces an error message. Administration Interface DeprecatedAs of this release, the REST Administration Interface is deprecated. This feature will be removed in a future release. function is DeprecatedThe apex.navigation.dialog.fireCloseHandler function is deprecated. It will be removed in a future release. Interactive Report as RTF is DeprecatedDownloading an interactive report in Rich Text Format (RTF) is deprecated as of this release. It will be removed in a future release. Forms DeprecatedThe Create Tabular Form Page wizard is deprecated as of this release. The APEX_ITEM API is considered legacy code and should not be used for new development. Tabular forms and the APEX_ITEM API will continue to function, however the creation of new tabular forms is deprecated in this release and will be removed in a future release. Customers should use Interactive Grids instead of Tabular Forms. FeaturesDeprecated features are features which Oracle plans to desupport or remove in a future release of Oracle Application Express. If a feature is related to application metadata or an API, existing applications can still use the feature, but Oracle strongly recommends that developers start to modify their applications as described in this section. Use Oracle Application Express Advisor to scan existing applications for deprecated attributes. Plug-in and Process Function Async Option DeprecatedIn a future release the async option will be ignored and all Ajax requests will be asynchronous., AnyMap, and AnyGantt charts DeprecatedThe legacy AnyChart, AnyMap and AnyGantt charting components are deprecated as of this release, and will be removed in a future release. Use the JET charting solution instead. Style "Vista" Deprecated in Universal ThemeAs of this release, users can no longer select the Vista Theme style from the Create Application wizard. Support for the Vista theme style will be removed in a future release. While this release supports the Vista Theme style for existing applications that use the Vista theme style, Oracle recommends customers to use the Vita theme style instead, then use Theme Roller to achieve a similar look and feel to Vista. JavaScript FunctionsThe following functions are deprecated as of this release: Universal Theme JavaScript API function: (use instead) pMessage Parameter is DeprecatedThe default value for the parameter pMessage is deprecated. In the future this parameter will be required. is DeprecatedThe apex.item callback afterModify is deprecated. It was used primarily for jQuery Mobile, which is no longer supported. and closeModal are DeprecatedThe undocumented theme specific functions openModal and closeModal are deprecated. Resolution: Use the apex.theme.openRegion and apex.theme.closeRegion functions or the corresponding dynamic actions "Open Region" and "Close Region." is DeprecatedThe PL/SQL function APEX_PAGE.IS_JQM_SMARTPHONE_UI is Deprecated is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. LOV Template DeprecatedThe Popup LOV template type is deprecated. A future release of Application Express will not use this template to render Popup LOV dialogs. Function DeprecatedAs of Oracle Application Express 5.1, APEX_UTIL.TABLE_TO_STRING is deprecated. Use APEX_STRING.TABLE_TO_STRING instead. Function DeprecatedAs of Oracle Application Express 5.1, APEX_UTIL.STRING_TO_TABLE is deprecated. Use APEX_STRING.STRING_TO_TABLE instead. DeprecatedAPEX_ERROR.GET_ARIA_ERROR_ATTRIBUTES is deprecated and will no longer be available in the next major release of Oracle Application Express. Developers should replace this functionality with apex_plugin_util.get_element_attributes, which provides better support with native functionality. Function DeprecatedThe function apex.widget.initPageItem is deprecated. Item plug-in creators should use apex.item.create instead. Event is DeprecatedUsing the apexrefresh event to refresh a region is deprecated. Prior to this release, you could refresh a region with code such as this: -apex.event.trigger( "#myRegionStaticID", "apexrefresh" ); As of this release, use the apex.region().refresh() method. For example, you can replace the above code with: -apex.region("myRegionStaticID").refresh(); / Hide All Page Items On Same Line attributes deprecatedIn Dynamic Actions, the Show and Hide actions have attributes "Show all page items on same line" and "Hide all page items on same line," respectively. These attributes were designed for forms with a table-based layout. Because Universal Theme no longer uses table-based layout, these attributes are deprecated. This functionality remains for existing Dynamic Actions where it was set to Yes, but developers cannot select it for new Dynamic Actions. UI DeprecatedAs of this release, jQuery UI is deprecated. Oracle recommends that customers update third-party Application Express plug-ins and custom JavaScript code to remove any jQuery UI references. Native Application Express components that use jQuery UI will continue to function, but support will be removed in a future release. Calculation for Page Items DeprecatedThe "Post Calculation" functionality of page items is deprecated. This functionality remains for existing page items where it has been used, but you can no longer set it for new page items nor add it to existing page items where it has not been used in the past. Team Development DesupportedThe legacy version of Team Development is desupported as of this release. A new version of Team Development to track feedback, issues, and milestones has replaced it. JavaScript FunctionsAs of this release, the following functions are desupported. Theme-specific global functions: -openModal -closeModal apex.item namespace: -afterModify parameter: -pMessage default value Other: -$d_Find -$d_LOV_from_JSON -$dom_JoinNodeLists -$dom_Replace -$f_Enter -$f_First_field -$s_Split -$tr_RowMoveFollow -$u_ArrayToString -$u_js_temp_drop -$u_SubString -$x_Check_For_Compound -$x_object -$x_Show_Hide -addLoadEvent -ajax_Loading -apex.navigation.dialog.fireCloseHandler -base_disableItem -confirmDelete2 -dhtml_ShuttleObject -doMultiple -findPosX -findPosY -flowSelectAll -getScrollXY -hideShow -html_GetTarget -html_ReturnToTextSelection -html_RowDown -html_RowUp -html_StringReplace -htmldb_ch -htmldb_ch_message -htmldb_doUpdate -htmldb_goSubmit -htmldb_item_change -ie_RowFixFinish -ie_RowFixStart -json_SetItems -lc_SetChange -selectString -setCaretToBegin -setCaretToEnd -setCaretToPos -setSelectionRange -setValue2 -widget.util.disableIcon -wiget.util.enableIcon Productivity AppsThe following Productivity Apps are desupported as of this release: -Bug Tracking -Checklist Manager -Competitive Analysis -Decision Manager -Live Poll -Meeting Minutes -Script Planner PDF Printing DesupportedThe "Export to PDF" functionality of the CSS Calendar region is now desupported. Explorer 11 DesupportedAs of this release, support for Internet Explorer (IE) 11 is no longer supported. Only the current and prior major release of Microsoft Edge (and Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari) are supported. Web ListenersAs of this release, support for the following web listeners is desupported: -Oracle HTTP Server (mod_plsql) -Embedded PL/SQL Gateway In the future, Application Express will only support Oracle REST Data Services. FeaturesDesupported features are no longer available. If a desupported feature has to do with application metadata or APIs, then existing applications may not work as they did previously. Oracle recommends modifying the application to replace the feature. BugBuilder31813930Fixed Bug"ROW RANGES X TO Y" PAGINATION SCHEME DOES NOT WORK FOR LEGACY TABULAR FORMS Bug31551131Fixed BugAPEX ADMINISTRATION SERVICES DOESN'T PRESERVE DARK/LIGHT MODE BugInteractive Grid31219482Fixed BugINTERACTIVE GRID CHART VIEWS THROWS ORA-904 (INVALID IDENTIFIER) WHEN AGGREGATION AND SORT BY VALUE IS ENABLED BugBuilder31200582Fixed BugTEXT AREAS ANNOUNCE DUPLICATE LABELS TO SCREEN READERS BugBuilder31198904Fixed BugFRIENDLY URL: GETTING 404 ERROR FOR FIRST TIME PASSWORD CHANGE FOR END USER BugPackaged Apps31662877Fixed Bugs in 20.2 – Productivity and Sample AppsPACKAGED APPS: ISSUE SHOWING CORRECT TIMESTAMP FORMAT IN DATA REPORTER FILTER REPORTS BugBuilder31352674Fixed Bugs in 20.2 – Productivity and Sample AppsREPLACE TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE COLUMNS IN PACKAGED APPS BugCalendar31316744Fixed Bugs in 20.2 – Productivity and Sample AppsGROUP CALENDAR - MAIN CALENDAR DISPLAY OF TIME ISSUE BugPackaged Apps30973070Fixed Bugs in 20.2 – Productivity and Sample AppsP-TRACK: ON LEAP YEAR DATE NOT VALID FOR MONTH SPECIFIED ORA-06512 BugPackaged Apps30902911Fixed Bugs in 20.2 – Productivity and Sample AppsQUICK POLL: POLLS REGION ON PAGE 1 IS DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND WITH A SCREEN READER BugPackaged Apps30228768Fixed Bugs in 20.2 – Productivity and Sample AppsCUSTOMER TRACKER: ACCESS CONTROL CONFIGURATION EITHER INCORRECT OR MISLEADING BugPackaged Apps23604456Fixed Bugs in 20.2 – Productivity and Sample AppsAPPLICATION STANDARDS TRACKER: CANNOT DELETE AUTOMATED TESTING JOB BugBuilder31667669Fixed BugFLOATING LABEL DOESN'T BEHAVE CORRECTLY FOR DATE PICKER AND POPUP LOV ITEM TYPES BugForm Region31666231Fixed BugFORM REGION DOES NOT EXECUTE DELETE ACTION, IF NO PAGE ITEMS EXIST, EXCEPT PRIMARY KEY BugBuilder31665929Fixed BugSESSION TIME ALERTS SHOULD USE THE WORD 'ENDED' INSTEAD OF 'EXPIRED' Bug29416983Fixed BugINTERACTIVE GRID MASTER DETAIL ISSUES WHEN DETAIL INSTANCES HAVE MANY ROWS Bug28069813Fixed BugINTERACTIVE GRID SCROLL, AGGREGATE, CONTROL BREAK DOESN'T OBEY COLLAPSED STATE BugBuilder25652098Fixed BugITEM MAXIMUM LENGTH ATTRIBUTE NOT CORRECT FOR VARCHAR COLUMN W/ CHAR SEMANTICS BugInteractive Grid25565254Fixed BugINTERACTIVE GRID FILTER DOESN'T WORK ON MULTI VALUE COLUMNS SHUTTLE, CHECKBOXES BugAPEX API31989560Fixed BugAPEX_SESSION.CREATE_SESSION DURING POST-AUTH CAUSES ERROR WHEN ACCESSING COOKIE NAME BugBuilder31972864Fixed BugPOPUP LOV WITH A NULL DISPLAY VALUE DEFINED IS INACCESSIBLE TO SCREEN READERS BugFaceted Search31962055Fixed BugFACETED SEARCH SELECT LIST FACET SHOWS OPTIONS WITH ZERO COUNT BugBuilder31013186Fixed BugSETTING DEBUG IN DEV TOOLBAR FAILS WITH FRIENDLY URLS BugClassic Report30728792Fixed BugCLASSIC REPORT CSV DOWNLOAD FAILS AFTER APEX APPLICATION MIGRATED TO 19.1 BugBuilder30618169Fixed BugUNCAUGHT TYPEERROR WITH APEX PAGE WITH BOTH BOTH A POPUP LOV AND A URL REGION BugDynamic Actions11714463Fixed BugPAGE LOAD DYNAMIC ACTION FAILS TO AFFECT RICH TEXT EDITOR ITEM TYPES BugInteractive Grid31366060Fixed BugCOPY DOWN THROWING ERROR "UNCAUGHT TYPEERROR: CANNOT READ PROPERTY 'TRIGGER' BugAPEX API31364757Fixed BugAPEX_DATA_PARSER IS VERY SLOW IF PARSED DATA CONTAINS A LOT OF ENQUOTED LINE FEEDS BugBuilder31357942Fixed BugSAMPLE DATA SET ISSUE USING OTHER LANGUAGES THAN ENGLISH BugBuilder31352694Fixed BugREPLACE TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE COLUMNS BugInteractive Report31344315Fixed BugINTERACTIVE REPORT ERRORS OUT WITH ORA-6502 WHEN TOO MANY FILTERS (ABOUT 30+) ARE ADDED BugInteractive Grid31330739Fixed BugINTERACTIVE GRID HIGHLIGHT OPTION - ENTERING COLORS BY HAND THROWS ERROR ORA-06502 BugBuilder31309191Fixed BugADDING NEW WEB SOURCE OPERATION PARAMETER THROWS ORA-2291 IF A SHARED LOV USES THIS WEB SOURCE MODULE BugBuilder31247345Fixed BugREMOVE LEGACY ACL WIZARD AND DDL BugFaceted Search31245629Fixed BugFACETED SEARCH HIDE RADIO BUTTONS ATTRIBUTE DOES NOT WORK BugInteractive Grid31180890Fixed BugINTERACTIVE GRID: ERROR - LOV COLUMN WITH CASCADING PARENT ITEMS BASED ON WEB SOURCE BugInteractive Grid31178904Fixed BugINTERACTIVE GRID WITH MARKDOWN EDITOR : SEARCH DOESN'T HAPPEN FOR MARKDOWN COLUMN BugInteractive Grid31175085Fixed BugINTERACTIVE GRID COLUMN WITH LARGE "SQL EXPRESSION" THROWS ORA-06502 (ASSOCIATIVE ARRAY KEY VIOLATES ITS TYPE CONSTRAINTS) WHEN DML IS EXEUTED Bug31136919Fixed Bug"COPY TO OTHER PAGE" DOES NOT WORK FOR INTERACTIVE GRID COLUMN VALIDATIONS BugBuilder31121847Fixed BugPREPARE_URL: LINKS WITH APP/USER CHECKSUM GENERATED IN JOBS ARE INVALID BugForm Region31074354Fixed BugFORM REGION COLUMN IS NOT UPDATED WHEN ANOTHER FORM ITEM ON THE SAME COLUMN EXISTS, WHICH IS "CONDITIONED OUT" BugInteractive Grid31067197Fixed BugINTERACTIVE GRID: AGGREGATION LINE DUPLICATED FOR MORE THAN 50 ROWS BugBuilder30982076Fixed BugTEXTAREA ALLOWS TO ENTER MORE CHARACTERS THAN SPECIFIED IN MAXIMUM LENGTH ATTRIBUTE Bug30975988Fixed BugAPEX_DATA_PARSER / SQL WORKSHOP DATA LOADING SHOULD PROVIDE A "FORCE TRIM WHITESPACE" OPTION BugInteractive Grid25245829Fixed BugINTERACTIVE GRID: SINGLE ROW VIEW: KEYBOARD ISSUES WITH SOME LINKS AND BUTTONS BugBuilder31784358Fixed Bug"PAGE ITEMS TO SUBMIT" ATTRIBUTE IN PAGE DESIGNER IS LIMITED TO 255 CHARACTERS Bug31769724Fixed BugREPORT USING A SQL QUERY WITH WHERE CLAUSE AND ORACLE TEXT INDEX COLUMN FAIL WITH ORA-907 BugChart31769340Fixed BugJET CHART: TICK LABEL FONT ATTRIBUTES SHOULD BE HIDDEN WHEN NO TICK LABEL SHOWN BugBuilder31768792Fixed BugCOPY PAGE FROM OTHER APP DOES NOT COPY WEB SOURCE PARAMETERS FOR REGIONS CORRECTLY BugChart31755999Fixed BugHTML 5 BAR CHART PLUG-IN NOT RENDERING VALUE WITH FORMAT MASK BugBuilder31726393Fixed BugCREATE SUPPORTING OBJECT FROM DATABASE OBJECT INCORRECTLY FILTERS ANY OBJECT WITH NAME STARTING WITH SYS BugBuilder31694881Fixed BugMARKDOWN TYPE COLUMN IS NOT RENDERED IN CLASSIC REPORTS WITH NON-STANDARD TEMPLATE BugBuilder31524482Fixed BugTHEME PAGE > IS UNIVERSAL THEME COLUMN CONTAINS INCORRECT VALUE / ACCESSIBLE LABEL BugBuilder31523316Fixed BugLIST DETAILS PAGE 4000:4050 HAS INACCESSIBLE ICONS FOR CONDITIONAL AND COPY COLUMNS BugBuilder31520637Fixed BugPUBLIC CHECKBOX NOT CHECKED WHEN SAVING EXISTING CUSTOM INTERACTIVE REPORT WHICH IS PUBLIC BugChart31516909Fixed BugGANTT CHART DOESN'T REFRESH DATA WHEN NO DATA FOUND BugBuilder31512450Fixed BugDEVELOPER TOOLBAR: MISSING MESSAGE FOR PAGE ITEMS WITH NO TEMPLATE BugAPEX API31812780Fixed BugAPEX_JSON.PARSE: VALUE_ERROR WHEN A JSON VALUE CONTAINS LARGE CSV DATA BugAPEX API32016471Fixed BugAPEX_LANG.EMIT_LANGUAGE_SELECTOR_LIST ONLY SHOWS LANGUAGES APEX IS TRANSLATED INTO BugBuilder31962253Fixed BugORACLE_APEX_DICTIONARY_CACHE FAIL WITH ORA-06502 CHARACTER TO NUMBER CONVERSION ERROR Bug31145675Fixed BugCREATE FACETED SEARCH PAGE ERRORS OUT IF TABLE DOES NOT BELONG IN WORKSPACE SCHEMA BugCalendar30988789Fixed Bugs in 20.2 – Productivity and Sample AppsGROUP CALENDAR SAMPLE: CHECKSUM ERROR FOR LAST_VIEW APP ITEM ON PAGE 12
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