Application Details

About This Application

This application highlights many Oracle Application Express features and functions. The application is a simplified sales tracking applications featuring customers, products and sales sample data. Use this application to familiarize yourself with basic Oracle Application Express functionality.

Getting Started

Run the application as a developer; at the bottom of the page will be buttons for viewing the page in the Application Express Application Builder. Click on the "Edit Page X" button to see how the pages are defined.

If you have questions, ask them on the OTN Forum.


  • Interactive and Classic Reports
  • Data Display and Data Entry
  • Plug-in Based Charting (D3 and HTML 5 Charts)
  • Validations
  • Dynamic Actions (First page of Create Order Wizard)
  • Simple Search
  • Page Branching and Linking
  • Tagging
  • Wizards (see Enter New Order)
  • Responsive User Interface
  • File Upload and Download (create producat and upload a product image file)
  • List Controls (reference Reports tab)
  • Tree Control (reference Reports tab then Product Order Tree)
  • Flash Map Chart (reference Reports tab then Customer Map)

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