• 100% Open Source

    Flows for APEX is open source. You can share and/or modify it, always under the adherence of the MIT-license. Flows for APEX ist cost free and was created by passionate developers in their spare time. For any question you might have, please book a 45 minute session with one of our experts through our support form.

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  • Live Demo and Discussion

    Niels De Bruijn, the creator of Flows for APEX, as well as Moritz Klein, discuss with Michelle, Monty, and Francis from Insum how to design and run process flows within your APEX application.

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  • Integration

    You would like to see an example of what a process-driven application looks like? Check out our Order Shipment demo that is included when downloading Flows for APEX.

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  • Flows for APEX - APEX Office Hours

    In this special edition of Oracle APEX Office Hours the creators present and demonstrate the latest version 5 of Flows for APEX.

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